"We believe in the future of Solar Power"


The drive of GreenElec

Since 2008 GreenElec has grown into an award winning Electrical Service provider. The growth associated with these successes has allowed us to direct the company towards its true calling. 

With the world of Solar Power, Battery Storage and Automation technology developing so strongly, GreenElec aspires to be a nationally recognised leader in combining these skills, industries and assets for our clients and to become a true leader in not only helping our clients create their own energy, but store and control it in the most efficient way possible.

Our Team

GreenElec consists of a team of Electricians and Solar Installers who pride themselves on providing high quality workmanship and first class customer service. We provide electrical solutions as well as solar energy for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.  Having knowledge and expertise in both the electrical and renewable energy sectors, we know what complements each industry and how the combination of meshing these two industries together can to provide excellent outcomes for our clients.  This level of professional knowledge is what drives GreenElec as a sort after and leading company in the electrical industry. 

We have a strong culture for learning and employing new skills to continue our development and growth towards our goal. We aim to do this in the safest way for our clients and employees and by having the least impact on the environment throughout our operations.

GreenElec has been a Master Electricians Member since 2010
GreenElec won an excellence awards for NSW/ACT in 2014 for Residential Project of the Year
GreenElec is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer for Solar

Client Feedback

“Why is Gareth different to all other Electricians? He cares about his clients. He is the most polite and trustworthy tradesman I have known. Always on time with smile and good word. And on top of this – specialist in his field. Highly recommended.”

Kinga Monaghan

Director, Blue Sky Drafting

Meet the Team

Gareth Felton

Gareth Felton

Founder & Director

On site nickname: Gaz

A business owner, an electrician, a solar and battery designer and a rugby enthusiast.

In 2008, during the last year of his apprenticeship, Gareth decided that he wanted to offer more to the community than what other Electrical companies were prepared to, and so he created GreenElec.  Gareth wanted to create a multidisciplinary electrical contracting company that empowers community members through education about how they can control the way they produce, use and store energy on a day to day basis.  Further to this, Gareth visioned a company where customers can experience a centralised process of having their electrical, communications, home automation, solar energy, battery storage and home automation needs met.

Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength growing into a team of 7 full time staff who have achieved many of the goals Gareth has set for the company, including winning an award from the Master Electricians of Australia for Residential Project of the Year in 2014 and currently running as finalists in the Local Business Awards 2016.

The successes of GreenElec are a direct result of the passion and vision Gareth has for the company. Gareth’s vision for GreenElec is:

“I see a world that lives and works in the most efficient way available, where people produce, store and control energy in a way that allows them to not only be independent and enjoy the luxuries that modern technology allows, but to have a positive impact on the world during their time”

Gareth reflects on his greatest work related achievement as his team.  Gareth believes that if he answers to their needs, look after them and help them progress through their career by learning every day, then he is doing a good job, and the return they deliver is endless.

Outside of GreenElec, Gareth is passionate about Rugby and enjoying every day life. The top of the recreation list has to be camping or watching rugby but if he can do both, he’s in heaven.

Please don’t hesitate to drop Gareth a line directly with feedback or suggestions via [email protected] or 0403 732 318.

Haydn Boon

Haydn Boon

Operations Manager

On site nickname: Boony

After finishing Year 12 on the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Haydn became a qualified electrician and has been working in the field for over 6 years.

Haydn is committed and actively seeks out opportunities to provide a professional service to our clients that meet their electrical goals and ideas. Haydn also enjoys being challenged at different worksites where he is able to apply his acquired practical skills and knowledge, and is particularly interested in the electrical stream of ‘New Installations’.

Haydn has excellent attention to detail and prides himself in his neat and ordered finishing techniques which makes him a key asset to the GreenElec team.

Haydn was part of the Australian Kayaking team during his high school days and enjoys getting back in the water in between work commitments on a more leisurely basis. Haydn also enjoys surfing, chilling out with mates and getting away for long weekends. Recently buying a 4WD ute, Haydn is looking forward to going off road and driving along beach stretches in the future as little getaways.

Jake Jansen

Jake Jansen

Project Manager

On site nickname: Jake

Jake completed his full electrical trade in Western Australia over 5 years ago and has experienced diversity in the electrical field during this time including residential and commercial electrical works, air conditioning and solar.

Jake is young and enthusiastic in his approach to the electrical field and would like to extend his expertise in other areas this industry has to offer including home automation and smart technologies.  Jake enjoys having leadership positions in a company where he can train and support other apprentices who are upcoming in the field.

Jake has recently relocated to Sydney’s Northern Beaches from the West Coast of WA.  From one coast line to another, Jake loves being outdoors enjoying all activities from 4WDing, camping, motor-cross riding and surfing.



Dean Williams

Dean Williams

3rd Year Apprentice

On site nickname: Deano

Dean has progressed strongly in his apprenticeship with GreenElec. Nearing the completion of his apprenticeship, Dean has shown maturity, independence and a high level of capability in applying his learned knowledge into practical situations in seek to achieve the best outcome for each client.

Dean’s primary interest is in learning how to design new systems using the latest technologies and looks forward to developing his skill and specialty in this area.  Dean has experienced a wealth of experience working at GreenElec and proven himself as a valuable team player in all divisions of the company including electrical maintenance, electrical construction and installing solar systems.   Dean has slowly come out of his shell int he past 3 years, bouncing ideas and solutions with staff in order to achieve the best outcome for the client.  Dean’s voice has become more strongly positioned among the team and he is a very valued member of the GreenElec team.

Finishing Year 12 on the Northern Beaches, Dean has a wide span of mates and family who live close by.  On the weekends, Dean enjoys getting out of Sydney for short trips up the East Coast with mates where he can fishing or water skiing.  With his time playing Rugby and League being over, Dean is still an avid sports fan and follows both local and representative rugby.  Dean enjoys following the comp’s both on the television, and when he gets the chance going to live games.


Scott Moran

Scott Moran

3rd Year Apprentice

On site nickname: Scotty

Finishing Year 12 on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Scott launched into his electrical apprenticeship with the support of a career mentor through the NRL Trade Up program whilst he was in the Manly Sea Eagles Under 20’s Holden Cup team.  Scott showed interest in the electrical field as he enjoys problem solving and coming up with creative solutions.

Scott is a driven, focused and determined young professional how enjoys on the job training where he can link learned skills from a formal setting at TAFE to real life situations.  Scott has shown leadership skills in mentoring younger apprentices on site and sharing techniques which have helped him learn processes and systems in both the electrical and solar industries.  Scott has shown drive and energy in GreenElec’s Solar division powering through solar jobs for both residential and commercial settings.

Scott is enjoying taking on more responsibility in the company by completing jobs as the primary technician with the support of a tradesman.  Scott is still exploring which part of the industry he enjoys the most and in the meantime he is most interested in learning as much as he can on the job, progressing through the ranks and taking on more responsibilities in his final year as an electrical apprentice.

Outside day to day work, Scott is a a huge fan of sports both watching and playing himself.  Scott is a natural athlete that has excelled in many different sports at high levels including Rugby League and MMA.  Scott trains 5 to 6 times per week during competition seasons in prep for his upcoming MMA fights which have taken him interstate and along the East Coast of NSW.  Scott enjoys the culture sport provides and has gained some great friendships with others who share similar interests and determine in the competitive nature sport demands.

Max Domanski

Max Domanski

1st Year Apprentice

On site nickname: Maximum

Finishing Year 12 on the Northern Beaches, Max has dived straight into his electrical apprenticeship in 2017.  Max is enthusiastic and passionate about the fast changing technology in the electrical field, which was what initially drew him to complete his trade.   Max is attracted to the idea of being challenged in different ways and stepping outside his comfort zone by linking in theory to practical situations.

Max is an asset to the GreenElec team, where he brings focus and energy in completing any task at hand.  There is never a task Max wont give a shot and has been enjoying learning about the different divisions of services GreenElec provides, including electrical and solar.  Max was attracted to the stability of job security the electrical field provides whilst also being part of a industry that is forever offering new opportunities and areas of growth.  Max is a valuable link in the GreenElec team and enjoys the friendliness and motivation of the colleagues around him, and most of all that we all like to have a heap of fun along the way.

Max has travelled up and down most of the East Coast of Australia, loving the coast line where he usually is throwing a line in.  Max enjoys (and is great at!) Gamefishing especially for Marlin and Tuna and spending time with mates.  In the colder months, Max visits the Snowy Mountains up to 5 times in a season – so all in all, Max enjoys the outdoors for both work and play!

Simon Boyer

Simon Boyer

1st Year Apprentice

On site nickname: Plugga

Finishing Year 12 in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Simon had a wealth of experience in different industries before starting his mature aged apprenticeship at the beginning of 2017.  Following leaving school, Simon gave University a shot however soon discovered that whilst he enjoyed the content of the course, the style of teaching didn’t mesh to well.  Simon enjoys hands on learning where he can apply his acquired knowledge directly in practical situations.

Simon has shown dedication and commitment in various employment roles with some of Sydney’s best food wholesale and retailers including Fratelli Fresh, Nicholas Seafood and Victor Churchill, where long hours and hard labour is a given.  Whilst Simon enjoyed his experience in these positions, his interest in learning about Solar and Renewable Energy were a core part of his drive to become an electrician.  With one day hoping he will have his very own entire off-grid property where he can grow and raise his own food.

Simon has already shown his forward thinking skills often preempting the next step to be completed by the supervising tradesman.  Simon is only a new starter to the GreenElec team but has demonstrated great initiative and passion in the field which will ensure he leads a successful career in the electrical field.

On the weekends, Simon enjoys anything outdoors and is a true lover of camping, hiking and skiing.  Simon also has a strong passion about food and cooking.

Rhea Felton

Rhea Felton

Administration & Accounts

Rhea joined the team in January 2016 and is a guru in everything systems related from accounts, filing, to reconciliation, to website design and marketing… she will handle it all!

Rhea liaise’s with our staff in the field to ensure that all the work on the front line flows perfectly through to finalising jobs and ensuring customer satisfaction.  Rhea has already made a great impact on our business and has added to the strong foundations that GreenElec is building in order to propel the business even further forward.

With post-graduate qualifications, Rhea is connected with Macquarie University and Western Sydney University completing research on child well-being.  Rhea is a strong community advocate who also has held volunteer roles for over 10 years supporting children and families going through tough times.  Rhea see’s the spark of resilience in every person and reaches out to those who need a little help in seeing this within themselves.

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