Be business savvy…commercial solar finance is on the rise

More businesses are using solar finance options than ever before

As business owners we constantly review how we can increase the profitability in our company and where we can use available technology to offset our operational costs whilst running a productive, successful and efficient small business. With energy consumption prices on the rise, businesses are beginning to explore alternative ways they can produce, use and store energy to lower the amount they are spending on their electricity bills.

In 2015, Arena reported the largest end use for electricity is heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) followed by lighting and equipment contributing to a strong rising trend of more businesses uptaking solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their commercial buildings. Already over 15,000 businesses across the country have jumped on board in having solar installed and this rise is no where in the view of a decline.

Businesses are finding it easier to install solar PV systems with solar finance options available to them. Financing a commercial solar system, allows businesses to reap in the benefits of lowering their electricity bills whilst gaining tax offset and depreciation benefits. Businesses can continue to manage their cash flow and operational costs indifferently whilst at the same time saving money from lower fossil fuel energy production.

But we hear you ask…

Like any business decision comes questions. Some of the most common solar finance questions we hear from business owners are:

– How do I have a solar system installed if I don’t have enough ‘cash’ to purchase this upfront?
– Does installing solar through a finance option affect my company’s tax?
– How do financing repayments work?
– How is interest calculated on solar finance?
– Does solar finance require a deposit?
– What if I can not make my solar finance repayments?

Leave the finance worry of solar behind

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Like any large or long term investment, finance solutions are most commonly used. Solar is no different and there are finance options available to businesses across Australia, including solar rental, chattel mortgage and finance leasing.  All which enable businesses to immediately gain from the benefits without upfront financial outlay. Businesses are enjoying the reduction in their electricity bills whilst gaining tax and depreciation benefits.

Solar finance lenders tailor packages most suitable to the business structure and operations, leaving no solar finance question unturned including all those listed above.

Tell me more?

We have recently returned from the Solar Energy Exhibition and Conference in Melbourne and are up to date with the industry leaders of solar finance for both commercial and residential clients. We have no partnerships with particular finance lenders in the solar industry ensuring that our advice and professional knowledge comes from a non-biased viewpoint.

Connect with us to discuss solar finance options that may be available to you and your business.  And start your savings now!!

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