Dali Lighting Control

Dali lighting control

Dali Lighting Control? Building Lighting Control The DALI protocol is used in building automation to control individual light fittings and the assigning of lighting groups. Assigning individual lights to operating parameters and grouping lights is performed via short addresses with each light receiving an address that can then be grouped together with their neighbour. With […]

Solar Panel Technologies

How Do Solar Panels Work? Solar panels can also be referred to as Photovoltaic (PV) modules. They are able to directly convert sunlight into electricity by using crucial materials that transformed the world [1] called “Semiconductors”.  When it comes to electricity, there are two main types of materials: Conductive materials (Metals such as bronze, iron, […]

Human Centric Lighting

When you fly above a city at night and gaze below have you ever wondered what is so magical about the speckles of light below you? There is a growing body of research suggesting that light offers much more than illumination – it connects us, makes us feel good and can interact with the way […]

How fit is your solar system?

FITNESS ~ PERFORMANCE ~ ENDURANCE terms you are likely hearing very often now the 2016 Olympic Games have started. These are also terms you should be asking yourself if you are one of the 1.5 million Australian households or small businesses who have installed rooftop solar. Spending thousands of dollars into an investment relying on getting […]