Reduce your energy bills this winter

AUSTRALIA’S CURRENT ENERGY CRISIS   Australia is in an energy crisis, especially as temperatures plummet and energy bills rise, families are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the inflation rates of living. There are simple behavioural changes you can make to decrease your energy draw from the grid contributing to a lighter carbon footprint and lower energy […]

Solar Panel Technologies

How Do Solar Panels Work? Solar panels can also be referred to as Photovoltaic (PV) modules. They are able to directly convert sunlight into electricity by using crucial materials that transformed the world [1] called “Semiconductors”.  When it comes to electricity, there are two main types of materials: Conductive materials (Metals such as bronze, iron, […]

Solar Sales

Solar Northern Beaches Northern Beaches Solar Electrician

The Complex World of Solar Sales As we live in a world where information is at our fingertips and we often rely on what is in front of us to inform us correctly.  Unfortunately information presented can often be confusing, incorrect and full of industry jargon.   Having experience in the renewable energy sector for over […]

Energy monitoring in action: A GreenElec Case Study

1.5 days 3 GreenElec Staff 9.4kW System Battery Ready! = over $3,500 saved every year! Proposal Just Screw It was referred to GreenElec by another electrical contractor who we had previously worked with on another solar project.  Our initial consultation is always an opportunity for us to get to know our clients and understand in depth […]

How is energy monitoring and battery storage going to help me?

Dashboard 24/7 Access Real time data Sizing of solar and battery systems Ongoing technical and installation support How can I use it to understand my potential for battery storage? Dashboard Once you have connected your smart monitor to both your electrical system and your internet you can now log into the dashboard from a computer, […]

What is an Energy Monitoring System?

Learn how an energy monitor can save you money. Gareth Felton, the Managing Director of GreenElec shares the importance about how energy monitoring can save your household money straight away. Installing an energy monitor will give you clarity about how and when energy is consumed in your household and how you can use this data […]

Why should I monitor?

Increase your understanding of your own energy use Gives you the ability to adjust your habits to use your energy smarter Using less energy will save you money Positive environmental impact Help tailor a household specific solar system Understand the performance of your current solar system As is sounds exactly, energy monitoring is the practical […]

Solar in a snapshot

Why invest in solar? With electricity prices on the rise, millions of Australians have and are increasingly considering renewable energy options as their main source of energy for homes and commercial dwellings across the nation. Solar in a snapshot: Research and information on solar PV systems have flooded the marketplace often leaving consumers more confused […]

How fit is your solar system?

FITNESS ~ PERFORMANCE ~ ENDURANCE terms you are likely hearing very often now the 2016 Olympic Games have started. These are also terms you should be asking yourself if you are one of the 1.5 million Australian households or small businesses who have installed rooftop solar. Spending thousands of dollars into an investment relying on getting […]