Energy monitoring in action: A GreenElec Case Study

= over $3,500 saved every year!


Just Screw It was referred to GreenElec by another electrical contractor who we had previously worked with on another solar project.  Our initial consultation is always an opportunity for us to get to know our clients and understand in depth what they are trying to achieve by exploring solar options. It became quite clear early on that Just Screw It’s main goal was to be self sufficient during day light hours and through peak periods.


Our ‘hands on’ design process has three steps including:

  1. An initial site visit to understand access, potential locations of solar panels, and the current electrical infrastructure
  2. System designs using online software to understand the potential layout on the roof and provide a visual of the outcome may look like
  3. A final site visit to the premises to measure up and confirm that the design we have come up with on paper is going to come together practically


An efficient installation was achieved by GreenElec in a total of 1.5 working days with 3 staff members by coordinating wholesalers, couriers and staff members in such a way that as each stage of installation came about we had the right resources in place.

GreenElec selected the use of Trina Solar modules and Radiant Solar racking for the installation of this 9.4kW system.  An ABB Inverter was used to convert the DC energy generated by the sun into usable AC energy which our appliances consume.

Battery Ready!

Since installation, GreenElec was again contacted by Just Screw It as their solar system was over-performing and they wanted to understand how they could harness their excess energy being produced and move onto the next stage of their original goal which was to be powered by their own energy 24 hours through peak periods.

To achieve this, GreenElec has installed a Solar Analytics energy monitoring device.  This device helps us understand the energy that Just Screw It’s solar system is producing, the energy they are consuming on site and therefore will calculate the size of the battery system required to achieve this goal.

GreenElec is currently reviewing the data captured on Just Screw It’s – Solar Analytics dashboard in prep for their battery system design and installation by March 2017!

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