GreenElec sharing their spark of knowledge

Who is GreenElec?

GreenElec are a team of leading professional electricians located in the heart of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. With over 8 years of industry experience GreenElec prides itself in providing superior electrical, communication, solar power and battery solutions in both residential and commercial settings.

GreenElec is a company that holds memberships with industry specific associations including the Clean Energy Council and Master Electricians Association where regular training and skill building classes are engaged in.  GreenElec is an industry recognised company that aims to bring the latest technologies of electrical, communication, solar and storage options to their customers. Firstly to increase their customers awareness and knowledge in the electrical field and also to empower their customers decision making regarding electrical works they wish to have completed.

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Why is GreenElec blogging?

GreenElec has heard countless times that the electrical industry brings about much confusion when customers are making decisions around electrical works they wish to have completed at their home or workplace. For this reason, GreenElec has started a blog to share their spark of knowledge with you. The monthly blogs will focus on a particular topic aiming to:

– Increase your knowledge and understanding
– Empower you in your decision making for electrical works to be completed at home or in your workplace
– Knowing the various electrical and communications options available to you

As the name suggests, GreenElec has a wealth of experience in providing energy savvy solutions to their customers. These blogs will also aim to:

– Increase your knowledge regarding the renewable energy sector
– Increase your understanding of the impact energy production has on the environment
– Provide information regarding energy saving options available both the residential and commercial sector
– Describe the benefits of renewable energy options to both yourself as a consumer and the environment

What can you expect GreenElec to post?

It is simple… we want to share our spark with you!

We don’t plan to flood our site with compilation posts, nor do we see this as a platform to revenue raise. Instead we aim to use these blogs as a way to bring you information and knowledge about the electrical industry; to help you feel more empowered and confident in making decisions about the electrical options available to you at home and in your workplace.

Be involved!

Our blogs will be posted monthly on our website, connecting you with information and knowledge about the electrical industry varying from general electrical, communications, solar, batteries and automation services. If you have a topic of interest, we want to hear from you. Please leave us a comment here or send us an enquiry through our online form.

Gareth Felton

Owner & Director
Gareth is the creator and driver of GreenElec, a vision which started in 2008.   Through his trade qualification and specialised industry training, Gareth is committed in bringing to the forefront the latest technology and energy solutions to empower his clients in ways they can produce, store and use energy more efficiently and independently.  Between working, you will find Gareth watching rugby or camping… or in an ideal world both together!!

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