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"We believe in the future of Solar Power"

Home automation technology provides smart solutions to compliment your lifestyle

Home automation provides smart and simple solutions to the electrical operations in your home.  Streamlining your electrical functioning removes the congestion of multiple points of connection providing you the ultimate solution to operate your home via an easy to operate interface on a fixed screen or portable tablet.

GreenElec has had experior involvement in coordinating the design and installation phases of home automation solutions in residential settings for both new builds and renovations.  GreenElec commits in providing expert advice to each client on a tailored and individual basis seeking to achieve the most suitable and sustainable outcome.  GreenElec’s home automation services extend by including a thorough consultation discussing the available smart technologies most suitable to the clients needs and future goals that will deliver a sophisticated, simple and sustainable outcome.


Some benefits of smart home technologies:

      • Simplify your life
      • Providing comforts at your fingertips
      • Increase your safety
      • Disability support and easily adaptable solutions
      • Increased value in your home

Smart technologies can be used for:

      • Lighting controls (internal and external)
      • Pool/Spa lighting
      • Audiovisual simplified operating solution
      • Heating and cooling solutions
      • Security (window security/gate security/motion sensors/CCTV cameras)
      • Keyless/access entry
      • Intercom uses

Why choose GreenElec?

GreenElec is a multidisciplinary company with further expertise in electrical, communications, solar and battery sectors placing us in the advantageous position of being able to incorporate aligning industries that may compliment and improve your home automation goals.

From designing the day to day operations of your home, to monitoring the appliances that consume the most energy, GreenElec aim’s to educate and help you alter the way you look at and use your energy to create a positive environmental and financial footprint.

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