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Multi-room audio provides the convenience to enable the enjoyment of music in any area of the home, both indoors and outdoors. Each room can have its own source allowing for different music to play in separate rooms or the same music throughout the whole house all at different volumes to suit the space and requirement.

There is a vast range of speakers available whether they are in-ceiling speakers, architecturally designed speakers, garden array speakers and our favourite invisible speakers for the ultimate aesthetic. When implementing multi-room audio throughout your home, we can help you navigate the many considerations to ensure that you can have the ultimate experience in enjoying your favourite music.

Some of our favourite brands include:


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The benefit of Multi-room video systems allows for the distribution of video sources such as Apple TV, Foxtel, Blu-Ray, Free-To-Air TV, Game Consoles, CCTV and NAS Drives to any video player of the home without the need for multiple sources per TV. Each TV could be watching its own source or every TV could be enjoying the same content at once.

Whether be it an HDBaseT or Video Over Ip solution, careful planning must be taken during the design phase of your project to ensure that adequate cabling allowances are in place to utilise a quality video matrix solution and get that stunning 4K content to every TV.

For photos, we need some shots of different TVs in different spaces all showing the same content if possible, IE living room, outside, theatre, bedroom dropdown TV, bar etc. We will have access to this down the track for a job but not just yet


GreenElec can help you with getting a quality smart home solution in your home, with a smartphone remote management from one room to another. Have peace of mind that the install is quality and have easy communication every step of the way, access to contact our team any time and top-notch after sales service. GreenElec are Sydney’s leading smart home automation experts.

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Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services as part of new builds and renovations across the Sydney metropolitan region in the residential sector.

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Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services for the development of new builds, renovations and fit outs across the Sydney metropolitan region in the commercial sector. 

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