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There are many different levels of sophistication when it comes to implementing electrical systems in a home and we e know that not every customer will want a fully automated home. However, many clients do want to make provision for automation, so that an upgrade is possible at some future point. Of course, everyone has a different technological understanding, so we have simplified this, to make it easier to determine which level might be appropriate for you.

The 3 key tiers of a home’s electrical systems from which you can choose are:

The Traditional Home

  • Includes a 240v lighting system that may include traditional rotary or push-button dimmers
  • Includes Standalone and simple systems for Security, Intercom and AV
  • No network connection of systems
  • No App Control

The Modern Home

  • Includes a lighting control system, with programmed scenes and schedules
  • Includes intelligent systems for Security, Intercom and AV
  • Includes individual App control for the separate systems, i.e Sonos for Audio.
  • Has the ability to upgrade to an integrated home

The Integrated Home

  • Includes a Smart Home Control system that integrates all the technology systems together
  • Includes a single App to control all integrated systems
  • Provides capability for automation of systems working together to provide increased ease of use and functionality

When it comes to making the decision on which level is right for you, we will provide a free overview of the cost and benefits associated with your preference, to help you make the right choice for your home.


GreenElec can help you with getting a quality smart home solution in your home, with a smartphone remote management from one room to another. Have peace of mind that the install is quality and have easy communication every step of the way, access to contact our team any time and top-notch after sales service.

Contact our team on 1800 247 336 or fill in the enquiry form on this page to get in touch.

Residential Work​

Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services as part of new builds and renovations across the Sydney metropolitan region in the residential sector.

Commercial Work

Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services for the development of new builds, renovations and fit outs across the Sydney metropolitan region in the commercial sector. 

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