Human Centric Lighting

When you fly above a city at night and gaze below have you ever wondered what is so magical about the speckles of light below you?

There is a growing body of research suggesting that light offers much more than illumination – it connects us, makes us feel good and can interact with the way we interpret the world around us.  Does that sound a bit wishy washy?  Stay with me and let me tell you more as I am sure you will be in awe by the end, like I was!

A growing buzz phrase in the lighting industry is Human Centric Lighting’.  Scientists are looking at how light meets both the visual and non-visual needs of humans by specifically exploring the interaction of how light can enhance and/or inhibit our wellbeing, performance and productivity.

Why does this matter?

You have probably guessed it but the ‘human factor’ of lighting design is of huge interest for businesses both small and large.  For example, should a hospital consider a lighting design which could enhance the performance of their surgeons in operating theatres?  Or what about in the wards where patients are healing?  Maybe even education facilities where students need to be alert of what is being presented in front of them?  Or what about emergency service buildings, like ambulance, fire and police hubs where the lighting design could consider the wellbeing of their hard working shift workers?

We think YES! And this is just touching on a few examples of how the commercial world could benefit from human centric lighting.  This is not even going into the everyday household.

Should I be thinking about this in my next home reno? 

Absolutely! Creative and attractive LED-based lighting designs should extend beyond the energy saving aspect.

This is a relatively new space of research. Europe is far ahead of Australia in thinking and incorporating these new paradigms within lighting design, but that should not be a block on your next design project.

Watch this space…

We will keep you updated as information becomes available on this topic. But if you want to know more about how to think about Human Centric Lighting in your next project, connect with us here.

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