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Commercial solar is on the rise

Like homeowners, business owners are continuously hit with increases in their operating costs forcing them to explore alternate ways they can produce, store and use energy that will have a direct financial benefit whilst producing a lighter carbon footprint on the environment.  GreenElec have detailed a comprehensive guide for business owners who are considering installing rooftop solar, which you can read here. 

Commercial solar services include:

  • Collaboration with the client to identify how their proposed solar and renewable energy goals will assist in achieving their business objectives
  • Full design and presented portfolio of a tailored solar system which caters for the business’s energy use and needs
  • Comprehensive overview of the available smart technologies to monitor the energy production created by the solar system
  • In-depth and ongoing communication from the design phase through to the completion phases of the installation


Why choose GreenElec?

As a business, GreenElec understands the importance of efficient, sustainable and high quality output.  GreenElec also understands how businesses can achieve all three of these facts through the use of simple, smart and sustainable solar and battery solutions.

With well rounded expertise in the commercial sector for electrical, communication, home automation and renewable energy, GreenElec is the most suited company for consultation when exploring your company’s renewable energy opportunities.

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