Why should I monitor?

As is sounds exactly, energy monitoring is the practical way to capture exactly how you use energy in your household.  This means you can track and monitor how much energy you are using, when you use the most energy and what appliances are consuming the most energy to run.

WHY is this important?

“Energy monitoring is the key to saving energy in your household”

The main benefit of tracking your energy use is that you can alter the way you use energy which will save you money (along with many other benefits!).  If you are a pre-solar system owner, energy monitoring is the perfect way for you to understand your households energy use so a solar system can be tailored specifically to cater for energy use patterns.

If you are already a solar ownerenergy monitoring is a must. In fact, the absence of a solar monitoring dashboard has been described like driving a car without a speedo.  Both are used as critical instruments in communicating the system operating characteristics to you.  As a result, you will gain a better understanding of the performance and safety of your system.  The added bonus of a Solar Analytics monitoring system is that you have technical support and access to knowledge from solar engineers who can investigate faults in your system and provide options for a quick and fast solution to get your system back on track for optimal performance.  That’s where we come in as technicians to help execute this plan and are the final key component to complete the installation and commissioning process.

For the month of January 2017, Solar Analytics and GreenElec are excited to giveaway 1 home energy monitoring system, fully installed to a lucky residential property in the Sydney’s metropolitan.

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