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Since 2008 GreenElec has grown into an award winning Electrical Service provider. The growth associated with these successes has allowed us to direct the company towards its true calling. 

With the world of Solar Power, Battery Storage and Automation technology developing so strongly, GreenElec aspires to be a nationally recognised leader in combining these skills, industries and assets for our clients and to become a true leader in not only helping our clients create their own energy, but store and control it in the most efficient way possible.


GreenElec consists of a team of Electricians and Solar Installers who pride themselves on providing high quality workmanship and first class customer service. We provide electrical solutions as well as solar energy for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. 

Having knowledge and expertise in both the electrical and renewable energy sectors, we know what complements each industry and how the combination of meshing these two industries together can to provide excellent outcomes for our clients.  This level of professional knowledge is what drives GreenElec as a sought after and leading company in the electrical industry. 

We have a strong culture for learning and employing new skills to continue our development and growth towards our goal. We aim to do this in the safest way for our clients and employees and by having the least impact on the environment throughout our operations.


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