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An advanced security system is essential for any new home to ensure safety and peace of mind for your family. With a network-connected security system, you can remotely monitor and control the security system to be able to receive alerts if the system is triggered or arm and disarm the system from your smartphone.

There are additional security benefits through the integration of the security system into your smart home system. This is demonstrated through the integration of the security elements with the other systems so that when you are entering and exiting the home, you can use the welcome home scene to gently turn on the lights, turn on the AC and disarm the security system. The same thing can happen in reverse to use the goodbye scene to turn off all systems and set the alarm to arm after a delayed time.

By linking your security system to your intercom and access control system there are more capabilities that can be added to advance the ease of living in your new smart home. See here for information on smart intercom and access control systems.


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For the ultimate deterent for your home, a quality CCTV system is essential for a quality peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. Through utilizing industry-leading products that have a vast range of customization and functionality, there is always a solution appropriate to give the extra sense of security.

The feed of your cameras will be accessible through your smartphone, computer or touchscreen to provide 24 hour surveillance. Through integration into your smart home system you can have additional functionality to use the in built sensors to trigger lights or send notification triggers when motion is triggered, or even bring the feed of the cameras covering the pool on the living room TV so you can be sure the kids are safe.


GreenElec can help you with getting a quality smart home solution in your home, with a smartphone remote management from one room to another. Have peace of mind that the install is quality and have easy communication every step of the way, access to contact our team any time and top-notch after sales service. GreenElec are Sydney’s leading smart home automation experts.

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Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services as part of new builds and renovations across the Sydney metropolitan region in the residential sector.

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Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services for the development of new builds, renovations and fit outs across the Sydney metropolitan region in the commercial sector. 

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