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Philips Dynalite Lighting Control

When you select Philips Dynalite you are choosing the finest lighting control system in the world. Philips Dynalite creates sophisticated, impressive, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting and building control solutions for residential, offices, hospitality, retail, industry, public spaces and more.

The extensive Philips Dynalite system encompasses load controllers, user interfaces, integration devices and a powerful suite of software products, providing fully customised lighting control, energy management and building automation solutions across a range of applications, from new-build projects through to commercial fit-outs.

At the centre of the Philips Dynalite system is DyNet, a sophisticated communications protocol based on distributed control architecture, ensuring reliable operation by eliminating the vulnerability associated with a centralised processor design.

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Dynalite Antumbra Series

The Philips Antumbra Button user interface consists of easy to press mechanical buttons that can be customized with text or icons and incorporates the latest in field effect technology. The contemporary design features a number of button configurations, with each button capable of local or site-wide control functions. 

Dynalite Revolution Series

The Philips Dynalite Revolution series of user interfaces provides an elegant and sophisticated connection to the DyNet network. The devices can communicate directly with each other, with lighting load controllers and with other integration devices, offering a simple user interface capable of complex automation system functions.


Preset lighting control
This is more than just on/off lighting control. Dynalite controls allow you to create ambience and recall different lighting scenes to suit your mood and the occasion.

Distributed control and monitoring
You can configure, control and monitor all the lights and system components from any point on the network and generate system status reports.

Ease of installation and configuration

The DyNet system is easier to install and takes less time to configure than conventional systems.

Flexibility in design
When layouts or control methods require modification, the Envision software enables changes to be carried out by a simple reprogramming of the system.

Energy savings
By using intelligent lighting systems, lighting is only used when needed. Natural light is harvested and supplementary lighting adjusted accordingly, resulting in optimized environmental performance and minimized operating and maintenance costs.

Philips Dynalite adopts a flexible approach to accommodate building churn – changing tenancies, fluctuating staff numbers and varying office activities. User interfaces can access any function, and all output channels can be easily reconfigured without wiring changes. The same components can be used in a single-room application or in larger projects involving thousands of controlled units.

Advanced integration into other systems
The Philips Dynalite range of integration devices and network gateways allow the DyNet system to work in conjunction with other systems, such as blinds, audio-visual, temperature control and building management systems.

Increased lamp life
The Philips Dynalite soft start and surge-limiting voltage regulation technologies protect lamps from high inrush currents and power surges, dramatically increasing lamp life.

Perfect LED dimming
Advanced technology from Philips Dynalite enables flicker-free dimming of LED lamps


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Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services as part of new builds and renovations across the Sydney metropolitan region in the residential sector.

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Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services for the development of new builds, renovations and fit outs across the Sydney metropolitan region in the commercial sector. 

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