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Picture of Gareth Felton

Gareth Felton

Founder & Director
On site nickname: Gaz

A business owner, an electrician, a solar and battery designer and a rugby enthusiast.

In 2008, during the last year of his apprenticeship, Gareth decided that he wanted to offer more to the community than what other Electrical companies were prepared to, and so he created GreenElec.  Gareth wanted to create a multidisciplinary electrical contracting company that empowers community members through education about how they can control the way they produce, use and store energy on a day to day basis.  Further to this, Gareth visioned a company where customers can experience a centralised process of having their electrical, communications, home automation, solar energy, battery storage and home automation needs met.

Since then, the business has gone from strength to strength growing into a team of 13 staff who have achieved many of the goals Gareth has set for the company, including winning an award from the Master Electricians of Australia for Residential Project of the Year in 2014, 2017 and 2019.

The successes of GreenElec are a direct result of the passion and vision Gareth has for the company. Gareth’s vision for GreenElec is:

“I see a world that lives and works in the most efficient way available, where people produce, store and control energy in a way that allows them to not only be independent and enjoy the luxuries that modern technology allows, but to have a positive impact on the world during their time”

Gareth reflects on his greatest work related achievement as his team.  Gareth believes that if he answers to their needs, look after them and help them progress through their career by learning every day, then he is doing a good job, and the return they deliver is endless.

Outside of GreenElec, Gareth is passionate about Rugby and enjoying every day life. The top of the recreation list has to be camping or watching rugby but if he can do both, he’s in heaven!!  Gareth is a #girldad (as Kobe Bryant would say)… and loves spending time with his wife and two little girls.

Please don’t hesitate to drop Gareth a line directly with feedback or suggestions via [email protected] or 0403 732 318.


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