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19.5kW Commercial Solar System in Granville, SYDNEY


GreenElec was approached by Epho Solar to support the installation of a 19.5kW Commercial Solar System in Granville, Sydney.

This commercial system was designed with standing seam and ballast Schletter racking, 72x 270W Trina panels and a 17.5kW Fronius Inverter.  GreenElec was all hands on deck for 3.5 days tying these elements together.  With well defined systems and high quality workmanship, the commissioning phase of this installation was completed in 30 minutes; meaning that all the connection points were seamlessly installed across this system spanning two roof spaces.

A well organised plan is critical for a streamlined installation.  With all the design and planning of this system conducted by Epho Solar, GreenElec seamlessly tied all of these elements together on site.

See our director, Gareth Felton give a full snapshot of the installation in full below: