5.2kW Residential Solar System, Bayview

5.2kW Residential Solar System, Bayview

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GreenElec was approached by a long term customer to design, supply and install a residential solar system in Bayview. GreenElec carefully considered the main consumption points at this property along with the home owners end goals.

GreenElec designed and installed a 5.2kW Enphase Micro-Inverter Solar System with AUO modules and Radiant racking.

The solar system has been installed with the provisioning for battery storage at a later date and is currently excelling in its production of energy which is being monitored on the enphase dashboard.

The customer has been incredibly happy with the outcome so far and is itching to have her battery storage system installed asap!

We are currently analysing the data on the customers dashboard and designing a battery system that will directly suit to the household’s behaviour of energy use and future energy goals.

We are thrilled with this project and it will go down as one of our most successful renewable energy systems yet!

“I have been using air-con for 5-6 hours a day to heat the house in winter with minimal costing. My solar and battery system was a very worthwhile decision!”