9.4kW Solar System in Leichhardt

9.4kW Solar System in Leichhardt

GreenElec completed the installation of a 9.4kW solar system

GreenElec was approached by a building company, Just Screw It seeking expert advice on installing a commercial size solar system to offset the energy drawn from the grid at their building headquarters in Leichhardt, Sydney.

GreenElec consulted with the client about their end goals on renewable energy and developed a system that would over produce energy during daylight hours for them to install a battery system in the near future that will cater for energy use during the night.

GreenElec completed the installation of a 9.4kW solar system in one and a half days with a total of 4 trades people. The solar system has been so successfully designed and installed that the energy produced from the solar panels are covering all day time energy demands at their headquarters.

We additionally installed a solar monitoring device from Solar Analytics, which has been providing us data of the systems operation and is enabling to us to design a battery system specifically tailored for this clients individual needs. There is no cookie cutter approach here!

See our director, Gareth Felton give a full snapshot of the installation in full below: