Refurbishment, Central Railway Station, Sydney

Refurbishment, Central Railway Station, Sydney

Preventative cable management design to safeguard

GreenElec collaborated with head contractor Baker Electrical to provide a full refurbishment of electrical services at the Booking Hall and Dining Hall in Sydney’s Central Railway Station.

This project was commissioned as a result of a tragic fire outbreak in September 2014 in a fast food chain outlet within the train station that led to these two sites being inoperable and closed off to commuters.

Due to the severity of risk this fire posed on key personnel and the public, the electrical scope of this project underwent comprehensive planning which included the installation of fire rated products where possible and preventative cable management design to safeguard and prolong the eruption of fire in the likelihood of this occurring again.

A core purpose of this project was to maintain the iconic structure of this building whilst celebrating this heritage in the modern era. A 50 foot long Aboriginal carved mural and original tiled flooring was preserved throughout this refurbishment and presents as a focal point of this project. This area is eloquently illuminated with LED lighting which replaced conventional fluorescent battens and enables this heritage to demand attention from passerby.

GreenElec has experience in specialised projects like this commercial fit out and effortlessly collaborated with other specialised trades to bring this project to life.