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Need an Electrician In The Queenscliff Area?

GreenElec are the electricians in Queenscliff you should come to when you need electrical or communications work done by a reputable company.

We’ve been the leading electricians in Queenscliff for some years now and we’re one who provides the first-class personal service that only a family-run business can.

Openness and transparency are key factors in the way we work and just two of the reasons our clients confide in us.

We’re straightforward in our dealings from the word go so when you choose us to do your electrical work in Queenscliff, you can rest assured we’ve got nothing to conceal as far as our efficiency and professionalism are concerned.

Local Electricians In Queenscliff

We’re known as the best local electricians in Queenscliff and have been for as long as we can remember. That’s because what we say we’ll do we do. And we do it in an organised and proficient way which demonstrates our expertise and experience in the electrical and communications field.

That work ethic applies to every project we commit to no matter what size it is. We don’t differentiate between a small or large scale project. They’re all important to us.

Whether you need work completing in your home, a property you let, in a commercial or industrial one, we guarantee we always work with the same precision and complete to the highest of industry standards. It’s that level of dedication that’s kept us in the number one position as the best local electricians in Queenscliff.

Why Choose GreenElec?

When you ask for a consultation with a GreenElec expert, we’ll visit you at your convenience first and then you’ll be issued with a quote for the work you need which covers all aspects of the job, but has no hidden surprises. It’s that straightforwardness and clarity that has induced trust in our clientele since we started operating 15 years ago.

GreenElec electricians are award-winning, highly qualified professionals who’s multiple skills cover the full gamut of electrical and communication system installation and maintenance. They have continuous training to ensure they’re current on all technological advances which means they’re capable of providing the up to date services our clients in both the private and commercial sector require.

How We Work

The work ethic we follow at GreenElec means our clients are able to confide in us to not only arrive on time to each and every job, but to be efficient while working and complete on time.

Not all electricians are as honest, punctual, skilled or proficient as the ones who work for GreenElec and that’s why we’re rightfully proud of our team. We trust them to get the job done and so can you.

From the moment you make the first contact with us, you’ll have a team of accredited experts at your service who are more than ready to go the extra mile to make your project another success we can boast about. That team includes our world-class after-sales service who provide client back-up should you need a question answered or a problem solving after the job is finished. You might shut the door behind our electricians when they leave your premises, but ours are always open for you.

When you want an electrician in Queenscliff to not only get the job done but done the best it possibly can be, come to us at GreenElec because:

• We’re a family-run business with more than a decade of experience
• We offer a personalised service
• We work to the highest industry standards
• We complete on time
• Our clients trust us
• We have world-class after-sales service

GreenElec employ award-winning electricians who are:

• Punctual
• Committed
• Professionally proficient
• Continually trained


To get the help of our expert team of electricians, please fill out the form on this page or call us directly on 1800 B GREEN (1800 247 336). From there you can tell us about what you need help with and we can let you know the best next steps from there. We’ll be in touch fast and ensure you get your problems resolved as soon as possible.
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