How is energy monitoring and battery storage going to help me?

How can I use it to understand my potential for battery storage?


Once you have connected your smart monitor to both your electrical system and your internet you can now log into the dashboard from a computer, tablet or smart phone and see your solar systems performance and/or your current energy usage.

How does a monitoring system Image courtesy of Solar Analytics

Real time data

The information you see on the dashboard is consolidated data which has been captured continuously throughout each day.  Your energy monitor displays a live monitoring feed at the top of your dashboard so you can see real time readings of your energy use/production.  This means with the installation of an energy monitoring system, you can identify faults, under/over performances and peaks/troughs of energy.  All of these features allow you to catch issues as soon as they crop up which can save you hundreds in the long run!

Sizing of a battery and solar system

If you currently do not have a solar system an energy monitor can help you understand your energy use which in turn will allow more accurate sizing of the solar system you require for your energy characteristics. However, if you already have a solar system this technology will allow you to weigh up the difference between your daily energy production and consumption meaning that sizing a battery system to suit your needs has never been easier or more accurate!

Ongoing technical and installation support

As your installing company, GreenElec has access to the backend of your solar monitoring dashboard.  This means that we have access to your data feed and can simultaneously see any problems that your monitoring system has identified.  In addition, we are also available to help you understand the information shown on your dashboard and attend site to rectify problems and discuss improvements such as batteries as needed.

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