Reduce your energy bills this winter



Australia is in an energy crisis, especially as temperatures plummet and energy bills rise, families are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the inflation rates of living.

There are simple behavioural changes you can make to decrease your energy draw from the grid contributing to a lighter carbon footprint and lower energy bills.


Consider these THREE TIPS below



the sufficient quality, quantity and distribution of light



During summer, spaces used often during the day, such as your home office, could benefit from being in places that receive less direct sunlight, so are cooler. In winter, consider moving your home office set up to a room with higher levels of direct sunlight, where it’s warmer.

This will naturally reduce the amount of energy needed to cool or heat these rooms while allowing for comfortable working conditions.





determined by the temperature, humidity, air flow and a person’s physical condition


Thermal comfort results from a combination of environmental and personal factors.


Sealing outside and internal surfaces until they’re airtight is crucial. Different surfaces – whether walls, floors or ceilings – require different methods, types and thicknesses of insulation.


Ultimately, a combination of improved natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation (such as air conditioners or fans) can result in considerable energy savings – up to 79% in some instances.





the amount of energy we use, and the energy used in manufacturing, transporting, constructing, maintaining, and removal of materials to build our homes


The first step to installing solar is to undergo a Solar Feasibility Assessment which outlines the most suitable renewable energy options for your household or workplace.


This feasibility assessment details clearly what your overall energy goals and a customised solution, solar and/or storage system, which aims to achieve these goals.


We don’t ever do packaged solutions, because each household /workplace has different needs requiring different solutions.



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