GreenElec have teamed up with BCNA for the Pink Tradie Event 2022!




We are proud to announce that our very own Gareth Felton has been nominated a Pink Tradie Ambassador for the Breast Cancer Network of Australia for 2022!

As you may know, this campaign holds a special place in our hearts. Our director Gareth Felton and his wife Rhea unfortunately received the heart wrenching news that Rhea was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (aged 34 years) in February 2021. Rhea has since undergone treatment passing with flying colours resulting in a highly favourable prognosis. Throughout Rhea’s cancer treatment, there were support foundations including the Breast Cancer Network Australia who help vulnerable families face challenging times like these.

As an ongoing mission, Gareth has turned focus to how he as a business owner in the construction industry can advocate and support families facing the challenge of a breast cancer diagnosis.

We are hosting a Pink Tradie fundraising event in September (details to be confirmed). We hope to connect different industries to a goal of starting a conversation to support and change how someone experiences a breast cancer diagnosis and care path. In today’s era, 1 in 7 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime causing the ripple effect of devastation hugely common, likely impacting hundreds of thousands of those who work in the construction industry.

Our team has rallied behind Gareth’s mission and will be wearing pink with pride on site in their Pink Tradie beanies to support the 20,741 Australians expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. It has Gareth thinking, wouldn’t it be amazing to see a sea of pink on every construction site.

Your donation to the Pink Tradie campaign will help BCNA continue to provide essential information and support to those who need it.


Behind the scenes of our BCNA Photoshoot

with the wonderful Bree Hulme Photography




“I want to see GreenElec’s future impact extend further than our services we offer.  I want our clients to see our company as a business which contributes to meaningful change in the community and our staff to feel energised by their individual contributions to this meaningful change.”

– Rhea Felton



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