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At GreenElec we work to the highest quality of service and installation when implementing our home automation systems. This is because we treat your home or project like it’s our own, but also because we produce accurate and comprehensive designs that provide a clear requirement of the cabling required and the equipment to be used.

Our easy to read designs and schedules incorporate all the necessary cabling for the home’s electrical requirements and systems, including Lighting Control, Power & Communications, Security & CCTV, and Audio Visual systems. If you would like an example of our documentation please contact us.Smart Home Automation Design Process GreenElec

GreenElec will guide you on the journey— through product discovery, the tender process, installation, and then into the final handover of your home automation system. We can even provide lifelong aftercare. We are also well versed in all the major brands and systems available, along with the best practices of the Australian and overseas Home Automation & Smart Home industries, which allows us to help our clients avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.

There are 5 key stages to the design and implementation of a modern Smart Home. We call them the 5 D’s.

  1. Design Brief
  2. Design Development
  3. Documentation Issue
  4. Delivery
  5. Dedication – Handover & Aftercare

Design Brief

We will hold initial consultations with the client and design team to gain an understanding of what they want to achieve. This takes into consideration the different product sets available, budget analysis, understanding of home technology trends and our best practice recommendations.

Design Development

We will implement the discussed scope items into a set of preliminary drawings & schedules for the client to review and comment on. We aim to keep this as simple and understandable as possible. With this comes a preliminary cost proposal of each of the subsystems with a range of options for other systems or quality upgrades. We will continue to review and revise the design until the client is satisfied with the design and systems proposal.

As the design is developed we will ensure that allowances are made for any foreseeable future requirements, enabling the client to upgrade or change if they wish, as new technologies become available.

Documentation Issue

The complete plans, schedules and equipment proposal will then be issued “For Tender” to prospective electrical contractors for pricing. Because we will have detailed every aspect of the electrical requirements, the client can be assured they are receiving comparable prices from the tendering parties.

Following the Tender issue, we will accommodate any further changes required to issue the “For Construction” documentation ready for implementation.


Once the contracts have been awarded we will then work with the full project team to execute the systems as specified. This includes regular site meetings to project manage the electrical team and fine-tune any changes or developments with the builder and design team. This involves systematic cable checks during rough-in to ensure all cabling has been completed to the required specifications.

We will then install and implement all of the required systems as proposed and program the systems ready for client occupancy. This includes multiple training sessions and fine-tuning with the client to make sure the systems are working for them and their lifestyle.

Dedication – Handover & Aftercare

Upon completion of any necessary programming changes and final handover, we will issue an updated set of the designs and schedules along with all networking and programming files as a set of “As-Built” documentation.

We also offer all our clients an Aftercare service suitable for their project. This will provide them with the confidence that their systems are going to remain current and that they always have someone ready to help if they experience any smart home-related problems. One of the invaluable elements of our aftercare offering is the provision of preventive monitoring, which enables remote resolution of most problems, without needing to disturb the client. If you would like to find out more about our Aftercare service, please check out the dedicated page here.


GreenElec can help you with getting a quality smart home solution in your home, with a smartphone remote management from one room to another. Have peace of mind that the install is quality and have easy communication every step of the way, access to contact our team any time and top-notch after sales service.

Contact our team on 1800 247 336 or fill in the enquiry form on this page to get in touch.

Residential Work​

Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services as part of new builds and renovations across the Sydney metropolitan region in the residential sector.

Commercial Work

Through a depth of experience, GreenElec has provided high quality electrical services for the development of new builds, renovations and fit outs across the Sydney metropolitan region in the commercial sector. 

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