Tradies National Health Month

Turning a month of awareness into year long action!

Tradies National Health Month is a nationwide campaign aiming to raise awareness about health risks posed to those who work in trade based occupations.

Campaign promoters, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) have provided a health snapshot of those working in trades occupations across Australia. Alarmingly, the results are not great. Data from Safe Work Australia have reported that the majority of serious claims are from injuries and musculoskeletal disorders including traumatic joint, ligament, muscle and tendon injuries.

As this is a health campaign brought to the publics attention by APA, people often associate ‘health’ with physical wellbeing. We think this is a great opportunity to raise awareness of equal importance regarding mental health for those working in trade jobs; and more widely the general public.

NSW SafeWork have also released details of young workers and incidences of mental health issues across the state.  The data suggests between the ages of 16 – 24, 1 in 16 people have depression and 1 in 6 people have anxiety.

As a company which supports apprenticeships to young school leavers, creating a work environment that is supportive, accepting and non-judgemental is a huge priority for us.

The APA highlight the importance for all employees and employers to proactively keep track and monitor their own health and those who work around them.  GreenElec prides itself as a company which actively focuses on employee’s health and we want to encourage our trade partners to do the same.

If you are, if you know or if you are aspiring to enter a trade position, we urge you to proactively keep your physical and psychological health in the forefront of your mind.  And most importantly, know there are avaliable supports around you to help you through challenging times.

Raising awareness is important, but keeping the message alive is more important.  Join us in turning this month of awareness into year long action!!

If you need urgent help or assistance please contact a doctor, the emergency department at your local hospital or a mental health professional.  24 hour mental health support is also available at Lifeline on 131 114.

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